On June 27th, Taikisha resolved to acquire 51% of membership interest of Encore Automation, an engineering company in robot application system field which is the same case with Taikisha’s Automation System Head Office of Paint Finishing System Division and owns unique automatic wiping, polishing system as well, system to paint aircrafts. Its main clients are American car manufacturers located mainly in North America and aircraft manufacturers.

Taikisha has been continuously aiming to develop group organizations to cope with globalization of business and further to strengthen its competitiveness. Through close cooperation with Encore Automation which had succeeded the technology and sales capabilities of Former Encore, Taikisha aims to achieve further increase in robot application system business of Paint Finishing System Division in North American market as well, strengthening the after sales network in North American market. On top of it, Taikisha will expand robot application system business of Encore Automation also in markets other than North America through Company’s overseas network.

Furthermore the new acquisition enhances GeicoTaikisha Alliance’s commercial strategy which constantly aims to strengthen its competitiveness worldwide.